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Reminder from TPWD: Antler Removal Date

September 3, 2016

Dear Texas Deer Breeder:
Please be aware that the last day to release breeder deer this year without removing their antlers is September 20, 2016.  After this date, any buck released from a breeding facility or soft-release pen must have its antlers removed in accordance with Texas Parks and Wildlife Code §43.363:
(a)  During an open hunting season for deer or during the 10-day period immediately preceding an open hunting season, no person in this state may sell, transfer, ship, or transport a breeder deer unless the  person:
(1) has removed the antlers of the breeder deer between the G-3 tine, as defined by the Boone and Crockett Club, and the pedicel on each antler main beam; and
(2) has followed any procedure prescribed by rule of the commission for the lawful conduct of activities under this subchapter.
(b)  Subsection (a) does not apply to a sale, transfer, shipment, or transport:
(1)  to another deer breeder’s facility; or
(2)  to an enclosure authorized under a deer management permit.
Please be aware that if you plan to release any breeder deer from a soft release pen after September 20, 2016, antlers must be removed prior to entering the soft release pen. Please remember that you must request an authorization to use a soft release pen each time you plan to transfer deer to a soft release pen. Remember to submit the soft release request at least 48 hours in advance of the planned transfer date to allow Deer Breeder Program staff time to process the request.
If you have questions, contact