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Official Update from TPWD: Release Sites Amended

September 3, 2016

Dear Texas Deer Breeder,
Per Texas Administrative Code 65.95(c)(1)(a), “A release site owner may modify the acreage registered as the release site to recognize changes in acreage (such as the removal of cross-fencing or the purchase of adjoining land), so long as the release site owner notifies the department of such modifications prior to the acreage modification.” Before making any physical modifications to the fencing that encloses a registered release site, including leaving gates open*, notification of the intended changes must be submitted to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) so that Deer Breeder Program staff can update TWIMS accordingly. Notification of any requested modification should be submitted via a detailed e-mail to The email should include the following information:
  1. The Facility ID number assigned to the release site
  2. A description of the modification(s) to be made to the site (e.g. how much fencing to be removed, gates to be opened, etc.)
  3. The total acreage of the release site once modifications have been completed (i.e., the acreage to which deer will have access)
  4. A statement confirming that the modified release site acreage is surrounded entirely by high-fence (at least 7′ in height)
  5. A diagram of the site that outlines the existing registered release site and clearly details the entire acreage that will make up the modified release site
  6. Any other relevant information
Deer Breeder Program staff will process any such requests in the order received, and will notify the release site owner via email once TWIMS has been updated accordingly. Once the release site owner has received notification of the TWIMS update, the physical modifications to the release site may be completed. Please note that any release site testing requirements associated with the registered release site will apply to the entire acreage of the modified release site, and all harvest conducted on the modified release site acreage must be recorded in the harvest log and submitted via TWIMS.
Please contact Deer Breeder Program Staff with any questions.
* Temporarily opening gates for the purpose of human ingress or egress, movement of livestock, or other ranching practices that are normal and customary do not require notification unless it is reasonable to expect that such activity will result in liberated breeder deer gaining access to additional acreage not associated with the original release site.
If you have questions, contact