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The Future Depends On You!

January 23, 2015
TDA Staff

Since our founding in 1999, the Texas Deer Association’s efforts to promote the future of Texas’ whitetail heritage have been unparalleled.  TDA leads the way in the deer industry as the largest organization in the state dedicated to protecting the rights of both the landowner and the hunter.  In recent weeks, we have become increasingly alarmed at the number of attacks on hunter’s freedom of choice and the right of landowners to manage their wildlife resources most effectively.

There have been individuals in recent weeks who have launched a series of unfounded allegations and libelous statements, based in neither fact nor science.  Utilizing scare tactics and fear-mongering, they seek to promote a legislative agenda that will be detrimental to deer ranchers and the hunting industry across Texas.

It is vitally important that the real story be told, and we are working diligently at that. Deer breeding and intensive deer management has a tremendous positive impact on this state, both in terms of the economy and on the health and strength of our whitetail population.  Through innovative management techniques, this state’s wildlife resources have thrived after decades of mismanagement.  Texas deer ranchers and hunters have seen incredible gains in both the quality AND the quantity of deer.  This translates to increased opportunities for hunters, as well as an increase in value of Texas agricultural properties.  Far from being a “cottage industry”, deer ranching has a $700 million economic impact in this state–that’s more than the citrus and rice industries combined.

Make no mistake: these groups do not represent vast majority of Texas sportsmen.  This is an elitist group with a specific agenda–one that is driven by financial motives without consideration for what is best for Texas landowners and hunters. 

Other groups will come and go, but our mission remains the same.  Deer ranching is good for Texas landowners, good for Texas hunters, and good for the Texas economy.  We are proud to represent thousands of families across the state who work diligently to conserve our whitetail heritage.  We are proud to stand on the side of freedom–for ALL hunters and for ALL landowners… not just the wealthy few.

Join us as we continue to push back against those who would cripple this industry for their own personal and financial gain.  Below are a few ways to help in this fight:

  • Join our Facebook page: to like and share our stories with your network of family, friends and fellow sportsmen and deer enthusiasts. 
  • Sign up to receive TDA news and alerts on our website:
  • Check out the Media Resources section on our website for articles and talking points on the issues affecting Texas deer enthusiasts today.
  • Stand up and speak out for private property rights and hunters’ freedom of choice!  Respond to negative attacks and fear-mongering on social media or the internet with common sense and the facts–we have both on our side.  Monitor your local media and let TDA know of a negative attack on TV, radio or in the newspaper. 
  • Be sure your elected officials in Austin know where you stand on the issues affecting you! Go to the website, and follow the prompts on how to get involved, at
  • Contact TDA’s Austin office at (512) 499-0466 to learn how you can be part of our upcoming legislative days at the Capitol.

We value your input and we look forward to working with you to keep both our organization and our industry strong.

TDA–Good for Texas, Good for You!