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Texas CWD Update

July 1, 2015
Chase Clark - TDA President

Yes. It’s true. There is a CWD positive test in a Texas breeder facility. The Texas Deer Association received word from both Texas Animal Health Commission and Texas Parks and Wildlife yesterday evening. We’ve spoken to officials from both agencies, as well as the source facility already.

I’m getting quite a few concerned calls, as should be expected in this instance. What’s going on?? What are we going to do?? What’s going to happen?? These are all valid questions and I …can appreciate the uncertainty which is out there.

So, let me ask a couple of things from each of you if I may. First, don’t panic. There is a process here which will be worked through as quickly as possible. TAHC (lead investigator) and TPWD have interviewed the source facility and are working with them on a fair and efficient resolution to the situation. TDA is monitoring this situation and will keep you updated.

Second, STICK TOGETHER. It is critical for all of us to provide support and information to this process. But it is equally important for all of us to demand an endgame to an epidemiological search for answers.

I can assure you that the Texas Deer Association is representing the Texas deer industry well in this matter and will continue to advocate for clear and concise answers to your questions. We want a fair and efficient resolution to this issue and will be working diligently on your behalf to make that happen.

Hang in there Texas. Call me or text anytime. 361-319-6926. I’ll give you as much info as I know and would love to hear your concerns.

TDA President
Chase Clark