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TDA Represents Texas Deer Ranchers at NADeFA Annual Conference

April 17, 2015
TDA Staff

The North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) hosted its annual Conference last month in French Lick, Indiana. The much-anticipated event hosted deer ranchers and industry experts from across the country for four days of auctions, seminars, round-tables and contests.

Texas was well represented at the conference, with a number of ranches and businesses in attendance.  Through our booth, the Texas Deer Association (TDA) promoted the efforts of our organization and signed up a number of new members—most being from out of state! 

According to NADeFA, this conference is highly acclaimed for its comprehensive educational programs that feature informative presentations by university researchers and industry experts on such topics as animal nutrition, herd welfare, disease testing and prevention, genetics, tranquilization, and more.

“Our annual conference is the industry’s premier event for all of North America. We welcome anyone interested in learning about deer farming to join us for a great weekend of networking, camaraderie and a fun learning experience,” said NADeFA Executive Director Shawn Schafer.

Since 1983, the North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) has worked to establish and promote deer farming as an agricultural pursuit and to facilitate education on breeding, handling and deer farm management. For more information on the North American Deer Farmers Association, call 330.454.3944 or visit

The Texas Deer Association was founded in 1999, and today, our efforts to promote the future of Texas’ whitetail heritage are unparalleled.  TDA continues to lead the way as the largest organization in the state dedicated to protecting the rights of both the landowner and the hunter.  We are proud to be the unified voice for deer enthusiasts seeking to share ideas and methods to improve and protect our Texas whitetail heritage.