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TDA Legislative Roundup

February 9, 2015
TDA Staff

On January 13th, the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature was convened in Austin.  Both House and Senate Committees have been announced and soon they will begin hearing bills.  Below you will find information about the committees that will hear any legislation pertaining to our industry.

On a daily basis, all bills filed are reviewed by the TDA legislative team to see which ones may affect our membership.  It is extremely important to develop communication with your members in both the Texas Senate and the House.  If one of your legislators is on the below lists, it is extremely important that you participate in one of the upcoming TDA Legislative Round-Up Days:

Tuesday, February 17

Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday, March 3

Tuesday, March 17

On a regular basis, TDA Legislative Team meets with legislators and their staff, but it is the constituents who make the most difference.  Putting a face to the industry starts and ends with you – the families and voters in their district.

Senate – Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

Charles Perry – Chair

Judith Zaffirini – Vice Chair

Brandon Creighton

Bob Hall

Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa

Lois Kolkhorst

Jose Rodriguez

House – Agriculture & Livestock
Tracy King – Chair
Charles “Doc” Anderson – Vice Chair
Mary Gonzales
Matt Rinaldi
David Simpson
Drew Springer
District 17 member (runoff pending)

House – Calendars

Todd Hunter – Chair

Eddie Lucio III – Vice Chair

Roberto Alonzo

Byron Cook

Sarah Davis

Charlie Geren

Helen Giddings

Patricia Harless

Dan Huberty

Eric Johnson

Ken King

Lyle Larson

Four Price

Debbie Riddle

Eddie Rodriguez 

Culture, Recreation & Tourism

Ryan Guillen – Chair

Dawna Dukes – Vice Chair

John Frullo

Lyle Larson

Marissa Marquez

Andrew Murr

Wayne Smith