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Position Statement - Responsible Use of Pharmaceuticals in Deer

June 21, 2015
TDA Staff

San Antonio, Texas – The Texas Deer Association (TDA) recently adopted an official position statement that spelled out TDA’s long-standing position on the responsible use of pharmaceuticals in deer. Voted on and approved unanimously by the association’s Board of Directors, the declaration represents TDA’s dedication to being the leading authority on deer in Texas. 

“The release of this position statement comes at a time when TDA feels that it is important to answer any questions or concerns in regards to pharmaceutical use,” stated Karl Kinsel, Executive Director of Texas Deer association. “As the state’s leader and authority on all things deer, we wanted to assure our members and the general public that we stand for and promote only the highest standards of managing deer herds, and condemn any misuse of pharmaceuticals in deer.”

The official position statement of the Texas Deer Association on the safe use of pharmaceuticals in deer:

TDA Membership supports the practice of managing deer herds of superior health and quality through the use of progressive selective breeding practices, while maintaining high standards of herd health, disease control and ensuring balanced nutrition. TDA recognizes the need for disease prevention, treatment and control. TDA supports only the safe use of pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of disease and requires that appropriate withdrawal times be utilized based on the recommendations of a licensed veterinarian. TDA strongly condemns the administration of any chemotherapeutic agent solely for the purpose of enhancing antler growth.

Scott W. Bugai, DVM and TDA’s Vice President commented on the position statement, “I feel this statement was necessary in order to inform folks outside of the deer industry that the superior deer that we manage are being raised based on time proven animal husbandry practices which include good nutrition, treatment of illness, and selection of superior genetics for breeding purposes.”

Having just wrapped up the 2015 legislative session, the TDA position statement further defines TDA’s commitment to proactively monitor its industry, and provide guidance on how to best manage deer herds in Texas. Mr. Kinsel added, “It is our goal each and every day, to protect and defend the rights of both hunters and landowners. As leader’s of the Texas deer community, it is important that we are always thinking ahead, looking for ways to not only to improve our deer herds, but to promote and educate all about an industry that impacts the lives of many on a daily basis.”

The Texas Deer Association was founded in 1999, and today, our efforts to promote the future of Texas’ whitetail heritage are unparalleled.  TDA continues to lead the way as the largest organization in the state dedicated to protecting the rights of both the landowner and the hunter.  We are proud to be the unified voice for deer enthusiasts seeking to share ideas and methods to improve and protect our Texas whitetail heritage.