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CWD - Important Update from TPWD

July 8, 2015
Texas Parks & Wildlife

Dear Texas Deer Breeders,

On Tuesday afternoon (6/30/2015), Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) received confirmation from the National Veterinary Services Laboratories of a CWD-positive sample from a deer breeding facility in Medina County (please see press release, available by clicking here: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) have been working closely and collaboratively to address this matter and will continue to do so. 

TPWD and TAHC intend to convene the joint CWD Task Force soon to seek input on a recommended response plan. In the meantime, some immediate actions are being implemented in regards to the movement of breeder deer in order to minimize the risk of further spread of CWD and to protect the captive deer population, the deer breeding industry, and Texas’ free-ranging white-tailed deer herd. These actions are essential while we gather additional data and information to help us make the most informed and comprehensive decisions about how to proceed with this rapidly evolving situation.

With the exception of fawn transfers to and from registered nursing facilities, no breeder deer may be transferred from any deer breeding facility at this time. This includes the release of breeder deer from a breeding facility onto the surrounding ranch. While transferring fawns to and from registered nursing facilities is strongly discouraged until TPWD and TAHC can make a more definitive assessment of the situation, TPWD will allow permitted deer breeders to transfer fawns to and from registered nursing facilities without having an active transfer permit until further notice. If you do move fawns to or from a registered nursing facility, please keep an accurate record of the date of transfer, the source and destination facility ID information, and the unique numbers of the deer being moved. TWIMS is available at this time to retrieve unique numbers for fawn tagging and to make inventory updates that include death reporting, fawn entry, and CWD test submission.

These measures have been adopted for the immediate future as both TPWD and TAHC work to develop short and long term solutions that will address a comprehensive management plan, including release of breeder deer. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. Please also know that TPWD and TAHC staff are working to determine the best means for communicating information as quickly as possible to the state’s affected breeder and landowner communities as this situation progresses. Please understand that response time from Deer Breeder Program staff may be slower than usual.

TPWD and TAHC appreciate your patience and your cooperation while the initial response plan is being implemented. Thank you.


TPWD Deer Breeder Program