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Attention TDA Membership - Your help is needed!

August 28, 2015

Deer breeders across the state of Texas are being required to make difficult choices. New emergency rules adopted by Texas Parks & Wildlife have forced many breeders to euthanize healthy deer to return to business. You have the opportunity to make a difference for the future of the deer industry!

Please contact your state representative and your state senator TODAY with the following message:

Dear _____,

On behalf of the Texas sporting community and Texas private property owners, I am requesting that you send a formal letter to Carter Smith, Executive Director of TPWD, demanding the following:

  • Measured response – the TPWD response to CWD has resulted in the killing of hundreds of healthy deer. This gross overreaction to a successful monitoring program has damaged the livelihoods and property values of thousands of Texas landowners.
  • Live testing – the draconian approach of TPWD to insist upon the euthanasia of hundreds of healthy deer suggests an agenda to harm the deer industry. Live animal tests are available and have been proven to be effective.
  • Ending the discrimination against high fence ranches – TPWD has stated that testing of wild deer will be voluntary and paid for by the state. In contrast, testing by high fence release sites is mandatory and is to be funded by the landowner. This discrimination against one type of Texas landowner violates the private property rights of these citizens.
  • Equal testing – if deer breeders and high fenced ranches are to be mandated to test 50% of mortalities for CWD, then so too should all facets of the Texas deer herd. Low fence, high fence and no fence. If CWD is that devastating a disease, then TPWD should mandate equal testing across ALL the Texas deer herd.
  • Release of mandate on unconnected herds — there is ZERO scientific evidence which supports the mandate of emergency rules on breeder herds completely unconnected to the index herd. The damaging, retroactive testing requirements that TPWD mandated on these law abiding permit holders is unjustified and should be dismissed immediately.



City, TX

We must ask our elected officials to stand up for deer ranchers, private property rights, and the lives of deer in our facilities.

Please contact your state representative and your state senator TODAY! Click here to send an email, to ask our elected officials to take a stand for the future our industry!


Patrick Tarlton

Executive Director, Texas Deer Association

Att. – Click here to read letter from Texas State Representative Drew Springer to Carter Smith in regards to Executive Director’s Order # 015-003