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Thanks for Attending the TDA Spring Gala

April 7, 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2013 TDA Spring Gala on March 1-2 at the Embassy Suites Outdoor World. It was a great success: we raised $135,000 to support TDA PAC; the Poker Tournament brought in $27,000 and the Superior Genetics Deer Auction grossed over $800,000!

Thank you to all our members, especially to those who donated and supported the TDA PAC Auction – your contributions cannot be measured.

Thanks also to our Spring Gala Sponsors who made the event possible: Rockstar Whitetails, Bear Creek Ranch, Gist-Kinsman Ranch, SASCO StaTite50, Three Nails Ranch, TK Whitetails and MaxDream.

Thanks also to our 2013 Platinum Sponsors: High Roller Whitetails, Sullivan Whitetail Ranch, Cross Canyon Whitetails, Lonehollow Whitetails and Lodge Creek Whitetails.